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Upcoming Workshops & Our Response to COVID-19.

Our January - March workshops will be held as webinars to comply with social distancing guidelines.

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Welcome to Practical Ideas for Educators

Practical Ideas for Educators offers substantial professional development seminars and educator resource materials for grades K – 8. PIE endeavors to make all of your educational needs EASY AS PIE. We bring the best educational resources to students and educators through quality professional development seminars designed to increase student achievement.  All of our workshops have the option of earning graduate level credits by completing a follow-up activity after attending the one-day workshop.

Assessment: The Whole Picture

Assessment: The Whole Picture

Explore formative assessment strategies and how to check for student understanding.

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Primary Math Strategies

Primary Math Strategies

Explore mathematics strategies for primary students through games and other activities.

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Behavior Management

Behavior Management

Explore strategies to build character and manage behavioral expectations.

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Things Customers Say...

"The workshops have great ideas that can be used in my classroom and are fun and engaging!"

Jacki A.

"As the title says, it is 'Easy' and it is also the best for the money!"

Jacki A.

"Only a one day commitment; the remainder of the work (paper) can be completed at my leisure!"

Maria Y.

"I enjoy the hands-on activities, great lessons and collaborating with other teachers!"

Jennifer W.

"You can't beat the price! It's the best deal out there for professional development!"

Thomas S.

"I was referred by one of my colleagues and I've been hooked ever since."

Ebony J.

"I love the Easy as PIE workshops because the presenters are AMAZING, INFORMATIVE, and ENTERTAINING!"

Katie K.